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Five Head Turners in Sales Recruitment - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

Five Head Turners in Sales Recruitment

If you want to turn heads in 2015 in Sales, and are looking to jump ship and hit new targets, you need to take note.  Our specialist team at Benchmark Recruit are giving you an insight into what employees want.

1.    Sales years are like cat years

In this industry two years is probably the equivalent of 10 in public sector.  The fast paced nature of the business means it can often feel like longer, and you’ve probably put in more than two years worth of hours, but demonstrating this longevity in employment is what makes prospective employers sit up and take note.

2.    Know Your Numbers

When you’re facing a prospective employer you’ll be drilled on your numbers – if you’re going to impress you’ll need to know them inside out and back to front.  It’s all about figures and targets, and in this target driven environment there’s no where to hide.

3.    Specialist knowledge

The sales bracket is large, so if you can demonstrate sector experience you’ll stand out.  If an employer knows you can enter a position with relatively little training on the industry specifics, it’s a real winner for them and you can get out there and bring in the business.

4.    Get Connected 

If you can prove you have great connections within the business sector you’re applying for you’ll go far.  Showcasing your communications skills and contacts means you have a lot to bring  and this could translate into business leads, and ultimately sales.

5.    Work the Look

You’re front of house so you need to look the part – your old dad’s suit or working the shoulder pad look won’t crack it – whether it’s edgy, preppy, slick or funky, you need to look the business and fit in your industry.

*The exception to the rule in sales – if your figures are outstanding you can wear that dodgy suit or fleecy onesie!
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