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Hands Up For A Career Move - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

Hands Up For A Career Move

Hands up if you’re looking for a career move in 2018?!  If so, our advice to you is be ahead of the game as it’s a crowded candidate market in January with lots of people looking to jump ship.

It’s not a time to panic though, if you’re organised and know what you’re looking for you could secure your dream job before you know it.  Take note of our top tips and you will be in a prime position to make that move in 2017.

  1. Perfect timing

The good news is the New Year is perfect timing to be on the hunt for a new role.  Businesses are fully focused on the year ahead, maximising their team’s potential to ensure a successful business year, and in turn grow their team.  So, the fact you’re already thinking about a move will stand you in good stead.

  1. Get noticed

Get yourself noticed for all the right reasons and ensure your CV is up to date.  A CV will be the first request from a potential employer or recruiter so make sure it’s current and features relevant experience to the role you are applying for.  We have a handy CV template you can use in our Candidate Centre to help you out with this.

  1. ‘in’ the know

Alongside your CV, employers are increasingly referring to Linkedin, so make the most of your profile and showcase your skill set. Essentially Linkedin is like your virtual CV but a chance for you to share more about your expertise, from examples of work to endorsements from your contacts.  Be sure your career history is comprehensive and your professionalism comes across, as if it’s that good you may even be headhunted before you even have the chance to hit the job boards!

  1. Don’t go it alone

Often people don’t realise the value of having a recruiter on their side – in a crowded market recruiters will make sure your CV is put in front of the right people.  At Benchmark we work to proactively showcase your skill set to companies you would like to work for and ensure you are notified of the best of the roles in the region as soon as they go live.

  1. Dream big

Working with us at Benchmark allows you to dream big, as with a strong business network across Yorkshire we have access to companies you previously thought were untouchable.   We can open doors for you, and ensure you fulfil your career ambitions.

So, it’s a great time to be looking to make a career move, and if you want to know more about the roles we already have on our books click on the careers pages – and before you know it you could be sat in your dream role.

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