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Big Kid In You - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

Big Kid In You

Remember when you spent hours deliberating what to put on your Christmas list and holding out for Father Christmas to bring you the goods?!  Well, with Christmas round the corner we’re feeling nostalgic – this week we asked each of the Benchmark team what was on their Father Christmas list when they were a kid.

Louisa Harrison-Walker – Director


“I was desperate for a Cindy house, and we came down on Christmas Day morning and there was a massive present under the tree, ripped the corner of the paper and BOOM – there was the Cindy house branding!  My big bro wanted a pool table and was gutted the big present wasn’t that so went off crying – but found what he wanted in the dining room!”



Rob Shaw – Sales Director


“I dreamt of owning my very own talking Teddy Ruxpin and was ecstatic when Father Christmas bought me my own.  I’m ashamed to say I don’t know what happened to it but at the time I love it dearly.”



Rebecca Morris – Commercial Consultant


“I pined and pined for a cabbage patch doll and eventually Santa came up with the goods!  I called her Sally and she is still in my parents loft!! I also spent hours pawing the Argos catalogue and wanted most of the little girls section.”



Ellis – IT & Creative Consultant


“I was obsessed with Toy Story and wanted the complete collection of characters as toys. I got Buzz, Woody, Mr Potato Head and Slinky but none of the others – I’d have loved them all!”




Alia – IT & Creative Consultant

“Top of my Christmas list was a pink bike – it wasn’t just a standard bike – it had a pink basket and a pink bell.  The pink theme has carried on throughout my life and although the bike is long gone I have pink notebooks, pens!”



Keren Hurst – Sales Consultant


“Every Christmas I prayed I’d get a Pony but it never came –  I won’t lie to you I was disappointed.  I did get my own computer one Christmas so I wasn’t too hard done to!”




Louise Dodsworth – Sales Consultant


“I was easily pleased as a kid – one year I was ecstatic to receive some stick on earings!  I also remember getting a dance matt – they were all the rage and I spent ours boogying away on it!”



Lucy Sibbald – Marketing Manager


“I fell in love with gaming when I was a kid and it all started with the original pacman console.  One Christmas Day Pacman arrived under the tree and from then on I was obsessed– I lost days, months to this game!”



Connor Welch – Talent Attraction Consultant



“I was desperate for some Rollerblades… I wanted them because we lived next to a decent sized hill and I wanted to gain some great speed down it on the blades.  Unfortunately Father Christmas did not deliver and I ended up with a pool table – good fun but not blades!!”


Ellie – Office Administrator


“All I wanted was a dancing Barney dinosaur – I think I must’ve been pretty good as Father Christmas bought me one but it didn’t dance it sang!  I loved it for years despite this and will for ever have in my mind the lyrics “I love you, you love me, we’re best friends that friends that could be”!



What did you want for Christmas when you were a kid?!  Lets get retro this Christmas and tweet us what you wanted with #bigkidinyou.

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