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Bonding over breakfast - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

Bonding over breakfast

Nothing like being handcuffed together for a bonding networking event!   That is what the guests to our second business breakfast were treated to courtesy of The Great Escape Game today.

The Business Breakfast with a twist focused on team building through fresh and inspiring techniques, from the Great Escape Game and, business psychologist Simon Kilpatrick from Intrinsic Links.  This morning their team delivered a brain teaser that involved cracking codes and locks, with the fastest team of the day winning an experience at the Great Escape Game.  With stakes high it was competitive, and it was Nicola Tiffany and Emma Casimir from HMA Digital who proved they had what it takes, keeping level headed to nail a time of just 3 minutes 2 seconds.




Simon Kilpatrick (Intrinsic Links) & Hannah Duraid (The Great Escape Game)

When it comes to team building it’s not only about having fun, but recognising the importance of engaging staff, retaining them, and ultimately creating loyal employees.  The Great Escape Game offers an alternative that will get your team working together in ways you never expected, plus through a combined corporate package Intrinsic Links work to offer an insight into the personalities behind your workforce.


Harry Wornsop (Razor Jam) and Olivia Thornton (Central Technology) battling with the Great Escape Game puzzle

The event was designed to alert businesses to the fact that turning a blind eye to the importance of team work can be detrimental to a company.  The reality of not taking care of your staff can mean a transient workforce, and when you consider that on average it costs £30,000 to replace a member of staff (including loss of productivity,  training and appointment costs) then it is worth taking note.

As inspiration to attendees, Whirlow Hall Farm and Cavendish Cancer Care were also at the Business Breakfast, as charities have fantastic events that can also deliver a sense of team building.  Whether it is volunteering for the day, or a 10k fun run, CSR activity is high on the agenda at Benchmark and we are keen to help other businesses understand the benefit of this.

For the Benchmark team, this was ‘the morning after the night before’ as last night we experienced The Great Escape Game for ourselves in the Homicide and Alcatraz rooms.  It was a huge hit and we definitely saw sides to each other we had not witnessed before – it’ll be a talking point amongst our team for a long time to come.



The Benchmark team post ‘Great Escape Game Experience’

Don’t miss our next Business Breakfast with a twist in early 2016 – keep a watch out for the date announcement!

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