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End of the CV? Introducing Application Cover Videos by CoverVideo

Is the death of the CV finally upon us?

This is the eternal question that recruiters have been asking for years now – as the technical world has progressed CV’s have bypassed the digital age and are still predominantly in black and white paper form.  The odd font change or the occasional head shot dropped in is a daring as you’ll get – finally though the tide looks like it could be turning and video CV’s are carving out a strong path for themselves.

View from Benchmark

At Benchmark we’ve decided it’s time to embrace the change and take matters into our own hands and are trailing Sheffield start up CoverVideo.  CoverVideo provides candidates with an easy operating system that taps into their smart phone technology or desktop webcam, and gives them three tailored questions to answer.

“Allowing candidates to showcase their skills visually and demonstrate how they handle themselves when presenting will be a fantastic insight into applicants.  Judging suitability based on text on a piece of paper really detracts from assessing people attitude and personality, which in reality is an important part of whether they are suitable for the job.  Using video applications will work to fast track the recruitment process – saving valuable time on screening candidates for their suitability for a role,” said Louisa Harrison-Walker, Director at Benchmark.

Introducing CoverVideo

“Our team here at CoverVideo are very pleased to run a trial with Benchmark, we loved their mission of helping candidates find the job they love. CV’s are currently used to get an understanding of someone’s education, experience and interests, but are mundane and often fail to represent the person behind it. Our aim is to build a platform that helps people to represent themselves in the best way possible, and by doing that give the recruiters the fastest way to identify the most suitable candidate for the role,” commented CoverVideo founder, Haider Khokhar.

The Benchmark Trial

The first role we’re trialling this on is an Account Manager position in South Yorkshire – to apply for this role click here and choose the video option at the bottom of the job ad

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