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Mission update - Ambitions achieved in 2014! - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

Mission update – Ambitions achieved in 2014!

Our mission is …

“To realise people’s ambitions by finding them the job they love as much as we love ours.”

So we decided to set ourselves the challenge of aiming to fulfill 200 ambitions of the good folk of Yorkshire.

This is how we’ve got on so far…(*insert drum roll*)

120 filled so 80 left to go!

Here are some of the ambitions we have filled:

IT & Digital

software developers ( .NET )

social media & content execs

SEO execs

Service Desk Analyst

Digital Marketing exec

Sales Division

Sales Execs

Estate Agents

Area sales managers

Account Manager

Sales Coordinators

Commercial Division

Office Junior

Order Processer

Office Manager

Accounts Admin

Network Coordinator

Operations Manager


Community care solicitor

Trusts paralegal

Private client secretary

Fee earners

Legal Secretaries


Digital Account Managers

Marketing Executives

So with 80 ambitions left to fill, watch this space, we repeat, watch this space!

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