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Out of the recruitment office... - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

Out of the recruitment office…

We may be sharp-suited city slickers…but there’s nothing the team at Benchmark Recruit like more than an escape to the country.

And that’s why we have become members of the 480 Club, the business organisation that supports the city’s Whirlow Hall Farm.

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust is the unique environmental and educational trust that works with inner city children and young people with special needs or disabilities. Since its launch in 1979, more than 250,000 children have visited Whirlow on a daily or residential basis.

The cost of an overnight stay for a class is £480 and the 480 Club was launched to persuade businesses like Benchmark to fund visits for children who might otherwise never experience to benefits of country life.

Benchmark is currently sponsoring children from Hinde House School and the whole team took time out to meet the children during their residential stay.

Our most recent networking event also raised money for Whirlow Hall Farm and paid for a visit from Mansell School.

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