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Wellness Breakfast - Feel Good Factor - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

Wellness Breakfast – Feel Good Factor

The Wellness Breakfast team: Hanna Leahy, Business Development Manager at SHU Centre for Sport, Exercise and Science, Louisa Harrison Walker, Director at Benchmark, James Wilson, the Sleep Expert, Lucy SIbbald, Benchmark Marketing Manager, Rob Shaw , Sales & Operations Manager and Anouska Carter from SHU Centre for Sport, Exercise and Science (left to right)

Employee wellness was hot on the agenda for the Benchmark Business Breakfast this Tuesday  (14th July) with Sheffield Hallam University’s (SHU) Wellness team providing mini health checks, and giving an insight into the importance of implementing a wellness policy for employees.

Louisa experiencing the Wellness Check with a lung capacity test

At Benchmark we work to ensure businesses retain their staff through a healthy and proactive attitude, ultimately creating a happy work force – and we thought it was time to share this approach with our business community.

Sheffield Hallam University’s Wellness Programme presented itself as the perfect partner for the event as they are pioneers of staff wellness, having provided the only staff wellness programme in the country for over 10 years – increasing productivity due to the reductions / improvements in both absenteeism and presenteeism.

An insight from Sheffield Hallam University’s Wellness Team

“Having provided a staff wellness programme unique due to its development by academics where content was informed by scientific evidence , and it now has a 10 year service history with rigorous data analysis (ROI) to support its effectiveness.  During this period, over 8,000 Wellness sessions were conducted, which constitutes an hour long, annual appointment including assessment of blood pressure, cholesterol, fitness and body composition.  Behaviour change techniques are integral to the session; supporting individuals to make changes to their health related behaviour.  The 10 year data set evidences successful behaviour change leading to significant improvements in physical and mental health in participating staff, which in turn yields an impressive return on investment of at least £3:£1 as a product of increased productivity (via reduced absenteeism and presenteeism),” said Hanna Leahy, Business Development Manager at SHU Centre for Sport, Exercise and Science.

Hanna added, “Over the last three years this same programme has been rolled out to over 350 NHS staff across 3 sites and the same fantastic results were replicated; including the highly favourable ROI.

“Our wellness services are based around a desire to make a difference within the organisations that we work with through enhancing employee wellbeing and subsequently productivity.  Our unique combination of psychological behaviour change techniques (which develop employee autonomy and responsibility for health) alongside health assessments and individualised action plans, makes this a highly cost-effective, sustainable programme.  Our programmes are tailored to the client needs with a number of flexible delivery models at a site of your choice,” said Hanna Leahy.

Sleep expert

Alongside the Wellness Team, the Benchmark Business Breakfast also had sleep expert, the Sleep Geek.  James Wilson was in attendance to help ensure people are recharging their batteries at night coming to work refreshed and ready to face a full on day at work.  One-on-one sessions allowed James to offer advice – he also runs a blog where sleep techniques through his blog

Recipe for Success

Guests at the event were all treated to a juice tasting session with energising natural ingredients.

Investing in your employee’s wellbeing is essential for success in business – talk to us about how to attract the right cultural fit of candidate to your business and how to retain them.  Call us on 0114 221 0550 or email

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