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Alternative Interview Techniques

Are you looking for a fresh and alternative recruitment process to identify your next recruit? Then,

our competency based Assessment Days offer the perfect solution, and provide you with a true

insight into a candidate’s suitability

Assessment days give candidates the opportunity to showcase their skills through a series of

activities that test their ability to fulfil a role. Candidates never fail to rise to the occasion as they

have the rare opportunity to get in front of decision makers through a series of bespoke activities.

The Interview Process

This engaging format allows clients to participate and observe candidates through practical sessions.

The format of the day includes team workshops, presentations, speed interviews and focused

challenges. We drill down to uncover client requirements and tailor the Assessment Day process to

give candidates the change to shine.

By the end of the process, clients are in the position to be able to visualise candidates as potential

employees. Whether it’s for a Sales Executive role, a Senior Project Manager or Director this method

suits all levels of recruitment and candidates relish the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

For managers, this proce ss acts as a fantastic insight into candidates personalities - the leaders

emerge, the mediators listen and consult, the sales people stand out and try to close the deal!