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5 killer tips to kick start your job search - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

5 killer tips to kick start your job search

If you’ve arrived at this article it probably means you are either considering a job move or are already in the process of searching for work.

At the start of any job hunt you need to get the essentials in order, and if you’re already in the process of looking for a new role, this is a good sense check to make sure you are focusing your energies in the right way.

Take on board these five killer tips to kick start your job search.

Your CV

This is the document that will get you noticed, so it is worth spending the time to detail all your experience and qualities you can bring to a business.  Consider the layout, as this is the first impression people will get of you, and in this case looks do matter. Focus your attention on spacing, font, size and bulleting; read more right here.  You can download our CV template in our step-by-step guide to help guide you.

Depending on your sector, consider more evidence based content: for creative industries compile a portfolio of work, and for sales example targets reached to give prospective employers an insight into the success you can bring to a business.

Your LinkedIn

This is essentially your online CV so make sure it is up to date and marries with your hard copy CV. Once someone has viewed your CV the next port of call will be your LinkedIn so it is vital you keep this up to date. Remember it’s not Facebook, so your photo should be professional (no wild nights out or wedding photos) and only share content which is business related.  It’s also a good time to update your skills list and request endorsements; all of this will boost your profile and make it more appealing to a prospective employer.

Take the time to also check out Linkedin groups, particularly local ones in your area of work as this is a good way to gauge the current climate and hear about new projects that could be potential leads.

Social media heath check

If you’re putting your CV out there you need to know people will check you out on other social media channels, so if there is material on there which you wouldn’t want to share publicly delete or make private. Ensure you’ve checked your privacy settings and be cautious of displaying political views that could divide opinion. For a full social media health check read more right here.

You can also use social media to your advantage – look to connect with key individuals and influencers on twitter and follow news and trends in your area of work. Using this approach means you are constantly increasing your knowledge base of business activity and opportunities.

Utilise job boards

There is often a preconception around job boards but when searching for work these are your friends.  Recruiters often have alerts for certain skill sets so when a CV goes live they will get a notification if your CV matches a job requirement. Be proactive by placing your CV on a job board and you may be surprised by the interest you receive.

Do your homework with job boards as there are the large catch all sites, such as Reed and CV Library, but also industry specific ones worth looking into.

Untapped networks

You have networks you’ve probably not even realised are there; friends and family could have access to contacts which present job opportunities for you to explore.  Ask around and be open to coffees, beers and informal chats where you could find yourself being offered a route to employment you hadn’t even considered.

Sheffield is home to a vast array of networking events which you can attend as an individual; they are an opportunity to cast your net wide and make new contacts.

If after reading this you think you need more support, at Benchmark we offer free confidential advice to help you secure your next role. The advantage is you get access to exclusive networks where we often know about jobs which won’t even be advertised; trusted businesses will ask us to recruit for talent under the usual job board radar. Want to know more? Simply get in touch for a confidential chat.



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