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International Women's Day - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

International Women’s Day

Our Female Inspirations

At Benchmark HQ we regularly reference strong women, and for International Women’s Day we look at our own female inspirations. As a team we have influential role models in our lives who help shape our professional and personal outlook; as a mark of respect here we celebrate women’s achievements.

Our nominated leading ladies are not all famous but we hope it inspires you to reflect on which women you look to for guidance and inspiration.

“As a child I was inspired by Rosa Parks. She knew that segregation was wrong and she stood up and refused to accept the status quo, she put herself in the firing line and decided to make that change for other to benefit from. It’s inspiring to me that one selfless act can make a change that can benefits so many other people and if we don’t believe in something, or we think a situation is wrong, we shouldn’t just deal with it, we should be like Rosa Parks and stand up for what’s important to us and what is right.”

“She is the definition of becoming your own hero. From the off she doesn’t let anyone define her or categorize her in to being the perfect princess. She becomes who she wants through sheer determination and she always lets the worst of a situation become her motivation for becoming the best warrior she can be.

I think it’s inspiring if you apply this to real life. You shouldn’t let anyone ever put you in a box and tell you how to act or who to be, it’s down to you. Doesn’t matter where you want to go in life and what you want to achieve you can do it, and if you have bumps in the road on your journey use them as the motivation or a learning curve. It might not be to become the best warrior in the 7 kingdoms but if you have the same mind-set and determination as Arya Stark there is no doubt you will become who you want to be or get where you want to in life.”

“As you go through life you have crunch moments that are key to your success, be it of a professional or personal nature. Ability and preparation are fundamental requirements to taking these opportunities, but application is the key ingredient, a point made by Christine Ohuruogu when talking about the success she’s had in the races at the highest level. So seeing Jessica Ennis-Hill running down the home straight, arms aloft,  in the final event of the 2012 Olympics’ heptathlon,  I found an incredibly inspiring event. Having been the face of her home Olympics, and the favorite to take gold, Jess managed this mental baggage like a Jedi, enabling the perfect application of her talent at just the right time. Congratulations Jess, good work.”

“If you’ve seen Rachel Atherton race mountain bikes you will know why she’s inspiring and if you haven’t I assure you what she has done for women in cycling in monumental. You don’t have to be in to mountain biking to see why she is a role model and will inspire generations to come. Make a name for yourself in  a predominantly male lead sport is not an easy task, but her dedication to her training is and she has more than proved her worth in the sport.

Holding your nerve, coming back from set backs through crashes and injury is inspiring; regardless of age or competition, at 31 holding the downhill mountain bike world champion title for five years in a row says it all. The inspiration for me comes in her own self belief and the drive she has to chase her dreams  – and if only I was as good at mountain biking as her!”

“My mum is a massive inspiration to me as she has always been there for me and my siblings whether it  being emotionally or even just cleaning our clothes and cooking us tea or pack up for work. She encourages us to do the best and go for the career path we want to get the life we want in future. So I hope in the very distant future my kids will look up to me the same.”

“Aside of all the amazing women in my life, my current go to female for inspiration is someone I’ve never met before – Amy Lane aka @wellness_ed who is the Digital Editor at Women’s Health and a Health and Wellness social influencer.

Since getting in to the London Marathon, I’ve hit a few stumbling blocks and found it tricky to stay motivated. I’ve found Amy’s content inspirational and her approach and advice on how to overcome the many challenges faced when training for a marathon. She is also in training for London and is my go to Instagram account for when I need tips around anything from food, home workouts, stretching and anything else you can think of related to running. I’ll be tuning in to here podcast ‘well far’ ahead of my next long run for some additional inspiration with training.

Having someone who is preparing and facing the same challenges in training, inspires and helps me to keep going when I have my off days!”

“There are so many inspiring women out there but the one that has inspired me the most for the 29 years I’ve been on this planet is most definitely my Mum. Maybe that sounds a little corny, but my Mum has always been a massive role model for me. She has always put her family first, but she also had a really successful career as a teacher for 37 years and was so well respected. Mum has always pushed me without being pushy, always supported the decisions I have made even when not agreeing with them and ultimately is the most supportive, loving and caring woman I know. If I can be half the woman she is, I’ll be pretty pleased with that. ”

There’s no doubt we have other girl heroes who get a regular mention but didn’t make the final cut of our inspiring women for 2019! We can’t help but give them a special mention though – respect to Britney, Mariah, Whitney, and Jane McDonald! 

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