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The Evolution of the Recruitment Industry - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

The Evolution of the Recruitment Industry

Thanks to new technology the recruitment industry has changed out of sight over the past 30 years.  The internet and mobile phones have allowed for a faster paced reactionary business bringing quicker results.

Let’s delve deeper to find out the key milestones that have changed the face of the recruitment industry.


Infographic featuring images and dates of technologies that have shaped the recruitment industry

Retro Recruitment

The Post Office window

Pre 1990’s the Post Office window was the place to go for a new job role.  An A5 post card would sit in the window at a mere cost of 20p per week advertising local jobs – yes really millennials!


Before the advent of mobile phones you were relying on communication out of office hours; you would be praying people would be at home ready to take your call – imagine that now?! The reliance on a landline to contact candidates was limiting to say the least.


The classifieds in hard copy newspapers were a key source for job advertisements and a time consuming process for businesses with candidates applying via post with a hard copy CV. Days and weeks could pass before you even got a sniff of a candidate and then there was getting hold of them via the landline…

Technology Milestones

The advent of technologies such as the internet and mobile phones were a huge game changer in recruitment and opened up a whole new world of communication.


It’s the biggie that changed everything, the internet upped it’s game in 1993 with the first web browser to combine graphics with text and the advent of two-way telecommunications networks.  This would open up a whole new world and would in time give rise to job boards, Linkedin, and social media, all fundamentals in today’s recruitment industry.

Mobile phones

By 1991 second generation phones were developing and mobile technology growth in the 90’s saw individuals contactable on their own mobile phones.  Little did we know at this time that by 1995 text messaging would be accessible. This was another new channel of communication where candidates could be contacted on the move – just the start of things to come.  On a daily basis we now register candidates via Facetime or Skype and it is a regular occurrence to host virtual meetings.

Online job boards

In 1994 Monster launched their job board online and by 2000 more niche sites were live focusing on specific sectors. Today there are more than 3500 job boards world wide showing the extent of the job market.

Social networks

There’s no denying social media has developed and thrived over the past decade and is an integral part of our lives (like it or not!). From a professional point of view the dawn of Linkedin in 2003 changed the face of recruitment allowing recruiters to access people with specific developed and thrived – Linkedin – launched in May 2003 – changed the face of comms by the end of 2005 4 million users and today 500 million users worldwide.

Predictions for the future

Video CV’s

Video CV’s are already out there through models such a Hinterview and bespoke systems and we predict at some point it will eclipse the traditional print CV.


Following on from videos could business leaders even be faced with hologram videos of potential candidates?


Could automated interviews be a process in the future?

We use a vast array of technologies to assist businesses to find their dream candidate quickly and help job seekers find their dream role. Get in touch to find out more.


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