Induction Booklet

Our work doesn't stop once a match is made, at Benchmark we invest in creating last working relationships. We want to ensure every placement is a successful one, and as part of this we offer a bespoke aftercare service that ensures a smooth transition for all parties. 

When a new recruit comes on board, you want them to hit the ground running and get them up to speed quickly, and all too often this compromises the time spent on a formal induction to the company, which in the long run can be at the detriment to their success. Ultimately not taking the time out to invest in a new employees training can lead to them not maximising their potential, and may give them reason to seek employment elsewhere. 

Creating the right impression for your new employee during their induction is instrumental in ensuring their buy in to the company, the role, and gaining their long term commitment.

Benchmark Induction and Retention Workbook 

You will reap the rewards of investing in a formal induction process, and this is where our unique Induction and Retention Booklet comes in to play. The tailored booklet allows new recruits to settle in to a new working environment, employers to see the benefits of a formally setting out a training plan, using simple performance review documents. 

We provide you with the material to assist with induction, training and performance reviews. The key areas covered include: 

  • Learning styles diagnostics 
  • Motivation and drivers questionnaires 
  • Induction and training plans
  • Performance review documents (during and after probation)
  • Our clients using this service have had a 100% retention rate

Lasting relationships 

Employee retention is often overlooked by firms, but we believe it is integral in helping to create lasting and loyal employees, and our Retention and Induction booklet will help lighten the load.

Any time you need advice and guidance on employment issues and HR matters, as well as salary surveys and market trend analysis, look no further than Benchmark.