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Creative Sheffield unites for the CDI Cafe - Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

Creative Sheffield unites for the CDI Cafe

Caption: Jay Bhayani, Bhayani HR and Employment Law, Richard Gourlay, Cowden Consulting, and Louisa Harrison-Walker, Benchmark Recruit.

The creative minds of Sheffield came together for the second CDI Café today (Thursday, 16th February) focusing on Managing, Motivating or Moving On staff.

The series of quarterly business breakfasts hosted by Bhayani HR & Employment Law and Benchmark address the employee life cycle specifically in the Creative, Digital and IT (CDI) sector.  The event saw a wide selection of leading CDI businesses from the South Yorkshire region sharing best practice, with guidance from guest speaker Richard Gourlay from Cowden Consulting.

“With the creative sectors booming in the city it’s important businesses share and learn from each other in terms of attracting and managing their staff, bringing more talent to the region.  Keeping good people is key, motivating them through realistic targets, mapping out progression and developing an engaging culture are vital for longevity in a successful team,” said Louisa Harrison-Walker, Managing Director at Benchmark.

“The sector is one which often fails to have robust employment law and HR procedures in place. Knowing what to do, within the law, to improve an employee’s performance, or as a last resort dismiss an employee, is a key part of running a successful business.”, said Jay Bhayani, specialist employment solicitor.
The ten take away tips from the event included:

  1. Set expectations from the on set in the initial induction with clear milestones and set dates for appraisals – this should be in collaboration with the employee.
  2. Put in place a probationary period to ensure the candidate is suitable in the infancy of their employment, plus outline and review training and support offered.
  3. If people don’t know why they joined you but know why they’re leaving you need to act on creating a stronger induction and development programme.
  4. Clearly communicate your vision mission and values.  They should be well communicated to your team and shape behaviour and relationship building internally and externally.
  5. Learn about your staff and understand what motivates them – both personally and professionally.
  6. Motivate people by developing them in line with their needs and company goals.
  7. Follow the correct procedure – if there are issues around an employee make sure you make them aware of their under performance from the onset with an open honest discussion.
  8. No conversation around under performance should ever be a surprise – with a clear procedure in place you will find this doesn’t happen.
  9. Employees only have the right to unfair dismissal if they have been there more than 2 years or have protected characteristics.
  10. A final word of caution from Richard Gourlay – the most dangerous words in business ‘we’ve always done it this way’ – be adaptable and willing to learn from new energies in the business.

The next CDI Café will focus on ‘Protecting or Neglecting’ employees on Thursday, 16th May.

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