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Why Do Some People Achieve More Than Others?


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Achieve More 

Why do some people achieve so much more than others? Why some people seem to have all the time in the world to get things done whilst others constantly seem to be frazzled? How can some people win new clients every month, service existing clients amazingly, manage sales teams, become industry go-to experts, deliver awesome lectures, write books, climb mountains, run marathons, take part in fabulous social activies and live the lives of their dreams? Why are some people better than others? 

And year others struggle to remove themselves from firefighting, admin and dealing with challenges and spend their mornings, noon and evenings glued to their email? 

It's an important question. It might be one of the most important. 

Ultimately, you will be defined by what you do and by what you achieve not by how busy you are. 

Being busy is not the same as being successful. Working hard is not the same as working smart. Putting the hours in is pointless if you're working on the wrong activites 

When I work with businesses I see busy people, energetic sales team and frantic business leaders. I see many, many people working hard to "get things done." But "getting things done" is sometimes not the same as achieving your objectives!

My lifelong passion is all about understanding what differentiates top performers and helping others to achieve great results too. What makes one person a sales superstar and another a sales wannabe?

What empowers one person to be a rockstar presenter and another a washout? What is it that enables one leader to lead their team to "victory" whilst another couldn't lead theirs to the pub? 

And one of the key differentiators is that top performers spend more time working on activities that lead to results...

Simple truth.. If two people equal ability, passion and knowledge work the same market in the same way but one spends 50% of their time on activities that lead to results and the other only spends 25% then the first one will outperform the second one. Every time. 

This is simple and obvious and yet it is not something which drives many peoples' behaviours. Over time most people fall into habits. 

We do things because "we should", we do things because "we always have", we do things because "that's the way others do it", we do things because "we were told to"... But we ought to be doing things because they get us the result we want. 

Here are three simple steps to get you more of the results that you want in your sales, in your business and in your life: 

Step 1: Take Stock 

Ask yourself what results you want and then workout what activities directly lead to those results. Map how you spend your time. How much time do you spend on these results based activities versus how much time do you spend doing other things? 

Step 2: Take Charge

Commit time to results based activities. Protect this time. Make it sacrosanct. Do not be distracted. Drop "time-wasting" activities, stop acts of procrastination and learn to say "No" (to yourself and others). Know that everybody has the same amount of time in the day and how you spend your is down to you. 

Step 3: Take Action

Make it happen. Change happens in an instant when you decide to take action. How you spend your time will determine your results so take action now to get on the road to the results that you want. And finally, be your own coach, assessing how you do, refining your approach and holding yourself accountable. 

And here's some magical thing... This is a never-ending process because the more successful you are, the more you have to gain from this process and the greater the opportunities are to improve.