Thinking Outside the Box


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We had the Sheffield business community quite literally thinking outside of the box with our MADE Festival Fringe event at Benchmark HQ in partnership with Common Purpose, the leadership and development provider, to host a practical session focusing on the 'Art of Collaboration', to upskill attendees, and allow them to develop fresh techniques to broaden their networks. 

Benchmark and Common Purpose 'Collaborating' for the Fringe Event - Louisa Harrison-Walker (Benchmark), Colette Bunker (Common Purpose) Lucy Sibbald (Benchmark) & Sara Clarkson (Common Purpose)

The notorious Common Purpose 'box game' was a real talking point of the event as attendees had to collaborate to solve clues and gain access to a booby trapped box - one false move and they would be sprayed with tomato juice. 

Weighing up the box!

At a risk of disclosing to much to future participants, all we're revealing is that this certainly taxed the business brains of Sheffield - they successfully opened the box after about 50 minutes and learnt a thing or two about team work along the way! 

Team Work

Guests also got involved with the 'String Theory' networking game that makes the lines of communication between networks visible. All you need is a ball of string plus willing participants to share their common threads of interest by passing the string to ach other. As you can see below, the visual effect is impressive and shows how it is important to make links and develop relationships by talking - ultimately opening up your networks. 

'String theory' 

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