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Three Interview No No's!


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Three things you are doing that are KILLING your chances of being employed

1. You arrive late or flustered
It is a basic no no, do not be late for an interview. You would be amazed at the number of people we hear of that don't allow enough time get there or get lost. In being late you have demonstrated that you cannot research, prepare, or manage your time efficiently so have written yourself off.. Ask your consultant the best way to get there, they will have been before. Do dummy runs the days before so you can feel at ease knowing where you are going. Plan to be there 20 minutes before so if there are any delays you can ride them. Generally not more than half an hour or you can be considered too keen (read stalker) Take their phone number or ours and if anything extra ordinary happens, call ahead and calmly explain that you are on your way. Sometimes things outside of our control do happen, tyres burst, lorries overturn, but most employers are understanding if it isn't your fault.
2. A flimsy, weak handshake...
Game over. Before you even start. 
Your answers and examples could be spot on, and you could evidence that you are the perfect person to do the job, but if you started with a wet handshake, chances are it is falling of deaf ears. First impressions count, now don't knuckle bust anyone, pain is not good, but a firm 'I mean business' handshake is vital. Test it out on someone and if they wince or yelp, soften it! 
3. You have no questions for them... 
You nailed it. Great rapport, great answers, evidence and examples flowing. It gets to the end 'so is there anything you would like to ask us'.. No... No No No!
No says 'If i can get away with the bear minimum I will / I haven't prepared enough to think of any / I am hoping to quit whilst im ahead' 
You must show interested in the company and the role and the best way to do this is to have some well thought out questions prepared in advance. You may say 'Oh i did have but actually you have answered them all' whilst wafting your piece of paper full of questions under their nose. The best general questions get the employer talking about themselves and their journey with the company... 
  • "How long have you worked here? What is your favourite thing about the firm?"
  • "I noticed on your website you have just won a major contract with 'XYZ' company, how long did that take?"
  • "I noticed on your website you support charity 'ABC' can you tell me about what opportunity I would have to get involved there if I was to be successful?"
Closing questions (to be said with a cheeky smile!!)
  • "Is there any reason why I would not get through to the next stage?"
  • "Do you have any concerns about my suitability to the role or company?" (gives you a chance to handle any objections before they become reasons you don't get the job!
If you are preparing for a change and are hoping to find yourself in an interview situation soon, then get in touch. We have access to the regions top employers, and the know how we have about them will give you a competitive edge in your job hunt.