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Five Reasons Temping Could Be for You


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Trust us when we say when we say 'It's better to be in a job looking, than to be out of work' - you may think that it's easier said than done - well, temp work is a great solution! 

We encourage our candidates who are not currently in employment and seeking work to consider taking a temp role, as believe us when we tell you this will stand you in good stead for future jobs.  

Temp positions come up more often than you realise, and often we're after a quick turn around - so, if you're on our books as a temp worker you could be in employment before you know it. 

The benefits of becoming a temp are plain to see - let us break it down, here are five reasons why temping is a great career move. 

1. Keep Relevant 

Taking temp work allows you to keep your CV current and demonstrate you have relevant and fresh experience. The idea is that you minimise gaps on your CV and instead fill it with current work. 

2. Strong Work Ethic 

Demonstrating to potential employers that you have a strong work ethic is important. Temp work will show you're not just sitting on your laurels waiting for work to come to you, but you're being proactive in your search for work. 

3. Keep Control

With temping you stay in control and dictate the pace around your personal circumstances. Whether it's career breaks you're looking for, or finding suitable hours to fit your lifestyle, there is more flexibility 

4. New Skills

Taking yourself slightly out of your comfort zone and working in sectors you've not considered before can open your eyes to new possibilities as well as broadening your skill set. You will find your CV looking far more attractive to future employers, plus you get to test out companies and roles to see what they are about. 

5. Temp to Perm

There is even the possibility that temp work can lead to permanent. For example, with a strong network of clients we often encourage companies to take a temp when they have an opening on a 'try before you buy' basis. When we believe in a candidate this acts as a great foot in the door and you never know what it can lead to. 

The Small Print 

As a temporary worker you are employed by the recruiter so are classed as a legally employed worker on a client assignment and can be taken on for short, medium or long term contracts. You are paid weekly and entitled to 20 days holiday plus statutory holidays. 

Hand in hand with this you have similar rights to permanent workers after 12 weeks qualifying period. Agency Workers Regulations mean that you are paid in line with permanent workers performing a similar role to you and you may be entitled to other benefits too! 

When the Time is Right

Temp roles come up more often than you realise for any number of reasons - holiday cover, sickness, maternity, additional projects - and often we're after a quick turn around so if you're on our books as a temp working you could be in employment before you know it. 

All you need to do is get out off the mind-set of looking for a job for life, as you may be surprised and realise your dream job or company is right in front of you - and if you're lucky you even get to try out companies before you commit to a role on a permanent basis. 

Take a loo at our temp roles or register you details with us, so that you don't miss out when we get a role on our books. They often come and go in the blink of an eye so don't delay in getting your details across to us today - email reception@benchmarkrecruit.co.uk or visit our temp page for more information.