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Love The Job You're In


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Considering we spend a large percentage of our lives in the work place it's important to feel fulfilled and to take enjoyment in your role. If you can learn to love your role you'll be more productive, and bring positivity to your working environment which will also work to enhance your work/life balance. 

Demonstrating a love for your job isn't just about being the early bird in the office and burning the midnight oil, that may even send you the other way and you could even feel resentful - so, how do you learn to love the job you're in? 

Bring Positivity Not Negativity 

Focus on what you enjoy about your role and look to grow this side of your work to further develop your happiness. Once you focus on one piece of negativity it can spiral and start to run through all elements of your work. You don't want to be seen as a negative force in the office so spread positive vibes and be seen as a positive role model in the office - all of a sudden you could be earmarked for progression and promotion. 

The Long Game 

Remember a job's not for life - take what you can from your job even if you see it as a stepping stone in your career. Set yourself goals and establish what skills yo want to develop from your current role before you make your next career move. 

Keep Perspective 

The day-to-day grind can often bring with it issues in the work place and it can be easy to loose perspective. Stand back and keep your cool and don't get caught up in trivial events such as office politics. Ask yourself in a years time will this have baring on your life - if it's a no then keep level headed and take it in your stride. 

Call the Shots 

Talk the management if there is an element of your work that is making you unhappy. It may be that a salary increase, a shift in responsibility or even a desk move could be an easy antidote to any problems. Having a good working relationship with your senior team means you can address any issues before they boil over and affect your own productivity. 

Be Social 

Investing time in getting to know your work colleagues should be one of your priorities. You probably see as much of your colleagues as you do your own family, so making lasting connections will make your working day far more appealing - and when the chips are down you have support around you.

When is it too much love!?

One word of caution - unhealthy obsessions with work can leave you burnt out and resenting your role. If you have holidays left at the end of the year, forget your own family's birthdays but remember your colleagues. the its's time to look at that work/life balance.

Breakup time

And, if after reading this you really can not see yourself loving tour role or even liking it perhaps it's time to look for something new. Don't make rash decisions and consider your career goals and the main motivators for why you want to leave so you can ensure you love your next job. 

You can talk to our team here at Benchmark HQ for realistic advice to guide you on your next career move - make that first move by taking a look at our vacancies or contact one of our career makers on 0114 221 0550.