True Colours


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This week we played host to business leaders of Sheffield and South Yorkshire with our Perfect Pairings Business Breakfast. 

Our early morning starters entered into the spirit of the event taking on famous character names and finding their perfect pair. So, we had Brad Pitt searching for Angelina and Homer looking for Marge all at The Workstation! 

Once connected we revealed people's 'true colours' using the Insights Personality Discovery Wheel looking specifically at how this affects their behaviour in the workplace - plus how people should interact with their colour opposites to ensure harmonious working relationships. Do you think you would be a 'Cool Blue' or a 'Fiery Red'?! Take a look at the colour pie chart above and if you can see similar traits in yourself or employers talk to us about how best to engage with them, and guarantee you are getting the most of your team. 

The business breakfast allowed attendees to explore their true colours and try challenging their usual approach to networking - which is to gravitate towards people with similar personalities. Our groups got to work at exploring the insight wheel and what awareness of the model can bring to new and existing professional relationships. 

Teams embraced the concept: 

Winner of our #Perfectpairings twitter competition Parrish Pryce - Williams from PlanetDatcha with Lucy Sibbald from Benchmark 

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