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Identifying Cracks In Your Business


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Big on the agenda for our clients at Benchmark is retention; working with them to ensure longevity in employee/employer relationships. Recognising any cracks in your business is key and being aware of issues early on will mean you don't lose good people unnecessarily. 

We conducted research into employee satisfaction in their roles - our research is a real eye opener and the three top reasons people left their job were: 

  • Lack of leadership 
  • Feeling unappreciated 
  • Disengaged of demotivated 
Take a look at the full infographic below and recognise the early warning signs to make sure you don't become one of the statistics.
If you are an disillusioned with your job, or have employees you think are becoming disengaged, talk to our expert team about how we can get you or your team back on track.