Benchmark Recruit news

We're heading into week two of #EggWatch and the egg-citement (sorry couldn't resist!) is building.

Thanks to our ovascope we've been able to keep a beady eye oin the chicks growth - this is where they're up to at development stage of Day 7/8. 

The view from the Ovascope

How its looking from the inside 

In total we have 20 eggs and potentially a third to half will actually fully develop and hatch - we'll have more news on this soon as we watch them grow.

A lot of people have been asking what we will be doing with the chicks once they hatch - as much as we would like them as office pets, after a few weeks, we'll be setting them free in their new home at Whirlow Hall Farm.  As our chosen company charity, this seems a fitting place for our chicks to live as children from across the city will get to see them as part of their educational visits to the Farm. 

With the due date for the chicks between Tuesday 5th - Wednesday 6th April tune in nearer the time for more news on #EggWatch - plus details of how you can name one of our chicks!