What's in a Name?


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From our experience a name says a lot, and a strong name will make someone stand out from the crowd. We want our chicks to enter the world confidently and are taking the naming of them seriously. 

So far we hav e Whirlow, Beaksy, Penelope, and Yeezy. With 12 chicks we need a couple more inventive hen inspired names before our chicks are rehomed at Whirlow Hall Farm - here are some other suggestions, can you better these?! 

Lindsey LoHEN

Dora the EGGsplora 

HENmoiney Granger 

Oprah HENfrey

Reese FEATHERspoon

Paris HiltHEN

Led ZeplHEN

Ozzy EGGsborn 

HENifer Lopez

Janet JacksHEN

Lana Del HEN

Kim KardashiHEN

Jimmy HENdrix 

CLUCK Norris 

Kelly ClarksHEN

Arnold ShwarzenEGGER

HENnah Montana 

Tweet us @BenchmarkRec or email info@benchmarkrecruit.co.uk with your name suggestions - if it's that good you may just get to name a chick!