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5 Truths Behind Counter Offers


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When a Counter Offer comes it can be easy for candidates to be dazzled by a hike in salary and commitment from their current employers. From our experience this new enthusiasm is short lived and the candidate will soon be back on the job market with regrets - we don't want you to make the same mistake. 

Here we unravel 5 truths behind Counter Offers: 
  1. If you have previously requested a pay rise and not recieved one you have to ask where the money is coming from for your counter offer? Potentially this could be your next pay increase and will limit future rises. 
  2. Don't forget your original reasons for looking for a new role - if company culture played a part in this pay rise will only temporarily mask this issue. You also have to question the company ethics if it takes you to threaten to leave the company to realise how much you're worth.
  3. From this point onwards your employer will question your loyalty - after the initial euphoria at you staying they won't forget that you came close to jumping ship. Be aware that in months to come this could affect future promotions and potential for progression.
  4. It's not just your employers that will change their behaviour towards you but colleagues will see you in a different light and your relationships will suffer - ultimately adding to your work place unhappiness.
  5. Once the dust has settled statistics show that 80% of people either voluntarily leave within 6 months or are let go in a year. You will be first in the firing line if cut backs are made as they know that your commitment is not truly there.
The advantage of being on board with a recruiter is that we can help you manage this process to get the best outcome and guide you through every step of the way.