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What Makes a Good Recruitment Agency


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In a candidate led market landing your dream role sounds easy but going it alone can be a daunting process. 

There's no denying getting a new job can feel tough and be reassured you're not the only person to feel like that. 

Job seekers, particularly those who have been unemployed for a decent period of time, who may have had a few interviews but come up short can take a harsh blow to their confidence. And for those already in a job you may then feel trapped and think there is no other option than to stay put. 

We become apathetic, we begin to lose motivation, we begin to doubt our ability to win a job and, all of a sudden, it can seem easy and even comfortable to stay unemployed or in a role that you are unhappy with. To not risk ourselves again in another interview and face the fear of failure. 

It's when we hit this kind of apathy that enthusiasm for new work can waver. Perhaps we don't bother writing that exclusive cover letter, perhaps we don't bother writing that exclusive cover letter, perhaps we send a general CV as opposed to one targeted for the job we're applying for. Maybe we apply for any old roles we don't really care for. 

This kind of apathy is destructive to not just our professional life but personal life too. 

Without a job, without daily goals and a daily focus, life can begin to drift by us and the mood becomes infectious in our search. 

Then, there's those of us who are searching and applying feverishly but just struggle to get over the finish line after the interview. People who don't lose motivation, but become frustrated that things just don't seem to go their way. 

What are we doing wrong? What areas do we need to improve upon to finally land a job we want? 

That's where a truly top quality recruitment agency can make the difference and stand apart from the others. 

What A Good Recruitment Agency Does (And what They Don't) 

Place the Right People in the Right Role 

There are two types of recruitment agency in this world: 

  • Type One - Ones who care about hitting placement targets
  • Type Two - Ones who care about people

Type One: To the first, the priority is turnover. They want the most amount of people into the most amount of jobs they can to maximise consultancy fees but this mercurial nature leads them to headhunting specific roles for companies with traditionally high turnover themselves, with traditionally slacker recruitment procedures. 

These companies are machines and want you in the door as quickly as possible and into placement as quickly as possible. To achieve this, they sacrifice customer service and career support.

Type two: The second type of recruiter - often independent, as opposed to a nationwide chain - tends to specialise in a specific sector or selection of sector and will limit activities to a set area. This recruiter invests time in fostering strong relationships with businesses within their region. 

As their flow of roles into the business is much less that a large chain firm, independents target priority placements with growing firms in specialised sectors. These roles can often be high value roles, which require a generally higher, more specialised source of candidates. 

It's for this reason that companies value recruiters who specialise in their sector as much as the recruiters need the clients themselves for business. Therefore, the first and foremost thing that a good recruiter does is recruit the right people with corresponding skills and personality that fits the business

It sounds simple, a good recruiter recruits the right people but it's vitally important part for you as a jobseeker. You can sign up with a recruitment agency and if all they're interested in is turning numbers, they will push you in for jobs you're not suited for and not take the time to get to know your needs and career ambitions.

This is far from helpful, as you could find yourself being interviewed for a role you're not suited for, miss out on it, take a knock to your confidence and fall into that cycle we don't want to be in. However, if you get the role, this can be bad or worse! Picture yourself stuck in a full-time job you don't want to do and finding your day miserable and you'll have some idea why this isn't helpful. 

A good recruiter is the recruiter who doesn't do this. A good recruiter is the one who places the right people in the right job - not just for the company, but for the candidate too. 

Support Throughout The Whole Journey 

A good recruitment agency is the agency who supports a job seeker from the beginning right through until the very end.. and beyond. 

From the moment you apply and have your initial consultation, a good agency will take the time to care for you and get to know your individual needs. What type of role do you want? What working environment is right for you? Are you better working individually or  in a team? Do you want a career change and what transferable skills do you have? Perhaps you don't know where you want to go and need some friendly advice?

Understanding the answers to all these questions first and painting your career persona is vital, in making sure you're only paired with the right job for you. 

The second part of this support comes in accompanying material. A good agency will help you perfect your CV - sometimes by partnering you with expert CV writers. They will refine your cover letter writing technique and offer advice on preparing for interviews. What materials to take along, which questions to ask at the end and which not to ask, how to handle confidence issues. A good agency will support you through the whole process. 

Then, if (and when!) you do receive and accept an offer for a role, they will advise you on best practice for your first day and even first month! They will support you for a few weeks into the role, whilst you settle in and make sure you're happy. They will stand by you through the whole process, initial consult all the way until you're firmly embedded in your new role.

As strong recruiter will work a role and care about the outcome - they will listen and respond to your requests from handling salary negotiations to working hours. 

A good recruitment agency will do this. A poor one will not. A poor one will merely make the phone calls and send the emails and take the fee for the placement. A poor agency works for numbers not people. 

Learn and Improve 

Just as all of us, as jobseekers at one point or another in our lives, took a new job and had to adapt to the new environment and improve, so does a good agency. 

A good agency seeks feedback constantly from both employers and employees about how they also can improve. A good agency isn't satisfied with statistics and always wants to know how they can better their service to both parties and make the whole process smoother. 

A good agency encourages true and honest reviews and appreciates constructive criticism. Ultimately, a good agency encourages feedback at all times, at their goal is to be an agency that people only ever would say good things about and if there are any problems, they want to know what they are so they can fix them. 

A good agency, ultimately, is an honest agency. The best way to guarantee you've found one is to find what people have said before. 

Benchmark Recruit take pride in being only the best agency, with the highest possible service. If you'd like to invest time in an agency who will look after you and enquire more, book an initial consult or simply find out about what services we can offer you, simply sign up with your name and email.