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How recently have you check your online presence, and how visible are your views and opinions online? With current political debates and opinions rife it is easy to get drawn into online discussions and it's a timely reminder to keep a check on how you are profiled online. 

Whether it's professional platforms such as LinkedIn or personal accounts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it is important to assess how visible you are on the web and whether you are managing your reputation. Follow our online health check and make sure you are giving out the right impression - you never know who is looking! 

1. Keep it professional 

Linkedin is specifically for the business community to help develop business networks and contacts, and notably more and more people are blurring the lines between the professional network and social networks. Our advice is try not to be drawn into posting personal content as this won't enhance your professional profile - remember as well as yourself you are also representing your current employer. 

2. Points of view

Keep your opinions in check as even simple actions such as liking posts on LinkedIn will be visible to your followers and could impact business relationships. Whatever the social media platform, when you comment on a post ask yourself if you're happy for everyone in your network to see your views as it has the potential to spread far and wide. If you are connected to business contacts on your personal accounts such as Facebook it may be best to steer clear of political debates and have these conversations on a private forum such as messenger or whats app. 

3. Googled yourself lately?!

Googling yourself is a sure fir way to keep your online reputation in tact and see external links that other people can also find. It will also show how tight your privacy settings are on your social media accounts. Flip in to the 'images' tab too and check if there are pictures in there that you have been tagged into that you would rather not be. If you find material you're not happy with look to rectify it by removing yourself from tagged pictures and posts. 

4. A picture speaks a thousand words 

On a daily basis we view a lot of profile pictures on LinkedIn and often certain profiles catch our attention for all the wrong reasons! Couple shots and holiday snaps ar the worst culprits, and no profile picture is just as bad - unless you want to make a recruiters wall of shame keep your photo professional and you'll get noticed

5. Control your privacy settings 

Taking control of your privacy settings on your personal social media accounts is a must as prospective employers will delve into google to see if they can find out more about your personality. If your snapchat, twitter and instagram accounts are not private be sure you're sharing material you feel would not damage your credibility. 

On a daily basis our consultants offer out this advice to candidates to ensure they don't jepardise their professional reputation - what would you add to the list?!