Made in Sheffield


Benchmark Recruit news

It's no secret that we are proud of our Sheffield heritage, so when the opportunity came about to sponsor Museum Sheffield's new Made in Sheffield exhibition we jumped at the chance. The exhibition will run until 8th January and reflects the diversity of the design and production that takes the place in Sheffield. 

The talent and business excellence embedded in our city is immense, and Made in Sheffield is a great way to celebrate the impressive manufacturing and craftsmanship that has earnt Sheffield an international reputation for excellence and innovation. Over 100 companies at the forefront of their industry will be represented, and will showcase their work to the people of Sheffield through a range of inventive and visually striking displays. 

"Benchmark works with a real diverse mix of businesses in Sheffield, from manufactures to emerging sectors such as digital industries, assisting them in growing their work force and creating successful teams. It is inspiring to see all this talent housed under one roof in what is a unique event in the region." Said Louisa Harrison-Walker, Managing Director at Benchmark Recruit. 

The exhibition forms part of The Year of Making, a major city-wide initiative celebrating Sheffield's international reputation for innovation and excellence in the making.