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Don't Be A 'Hedgehog'


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When winter coms do you feel like curling up and hibernating until spring springs? For a lot of people the answer would be 'yes' and according to research by Cyclescheme hibernation hits on 23rd of October. So be armed and ready to get your plan together to avoid becoming a 'hedgehog' and make sure you don't drift towards SAD syndrome. 

The affects of the nights drawing in and the lack of sunlight all contribute to people spending less time outside and retreating to the warmth of indoors. Staggeringly the Cyclescheme research revealed 28% of people skip lunch, and 7 out of 10 people then believe the lack of being outside affects their mood, and in turn productivity. 

From a personal and professional point of view protecting yourself to make sure you're on full form is vital. We give you five tips to keep you on track during the winter months. 

1. Take a Walk 

Although it probably gets to lunchtime and you think it would be far nicer to sit in the office with a brew make yourself get outside. Even if it's a quick 20 minutes for a walk it will set you up for a more productive afternoon. 

Consider book ending your working day with a walk or cycling to and from work. Even if it's jumping off the bus a stop early, or parking your car slightly further away from the train station it will give you more time outside and raise your energy levels. 

2. Let the be Light 

It may be dark outside but make a bright room in your home to keep your spirits high. Consider investing in a beside lamp that will wake you more naturally with a timer, allowing the light to get gradually brighter. This will set you up or a better day that you can face with positivity 

3. All The Gear 

Make sure you have all the gear so when you do venture outside it's a pleasant experience and you don't come back pickled. As your mum would say 'take your coat off inside or you won't feel the benefit' - it may sound obvious but equip yourself with a decent coat, umbrella and good foot wear. We're not talking a full expedition kit but if you want to be outside make sure it's appealing as possible and being cold from the outset isn't! 

4. Take a Break 

If you know you struggle with the winter blues consider taking a break and book a holiday. Even a couple of days away from the office and getting yourself outside may give you the boost you need to get through hibernation season

5. Healthy Eating 

As tempting as it is when it's cold and dark, try not to slump into comfort food eating. High impact carbs may give you a temporary boost but the release of insulin and drop in blood sugar will only give you more cravings. Keep the cravings at bay by eating low-impact carbs such as oats and legumes, plus-high protein foods.

Don't succumb to the statistics and challenge the urge to be indoors, wrap up warm and get that healthy glow across your cheeks. 

If after all of this you still feel like hibernating perhaps there is something bigger going on in your life. If it's work that is causing you restless nights then get in touch with us here at Benchmark to talk about your next career move.