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With Halloween looming are there spooky goings on in your workplace? It may just be the ghouls of your office getting their spook on, but if you notice two or more of our five spooky scenarios perhaps it's time to talk to your boss, and make sure all is well in the workplace, also with ghouls and ghosts just around the corner, we better polish up our vampire teeth. According to a survey done by Glassdoor at least 70% of employees would like Halloween treats or tricks so here's some do's and don'ts to Halloween in the office. 

Do: Participate 

Even if you're not the costume type there is nothing wrong with getting in to the spooky spirit. Even a little cauldron on your desk will make all the difference. 

Don't: Over do it 

Be considerate when choosing your outfit. Too much blood in your costume could freak people out, also bare in mind some people have a genuine fear of spiders and clowns! 

Do: Decorate!

Give the office a spooky vibe, people are more likely to be in the Halloween spirit if the office is decorated for the tricks and treats. 

Don't: Forget you're at work 

The whole office might be getting in to the scare mood, but don't forget you actually have a job to do. Discussing outfits is all well and good so long as you're getting work done. 

Do: Enjoy it

Halloween comes once a year so make sure you embrace it and enjoy the spooky day. 

Or, if you think it's more than just Halloween rumblings in your office we want to arm you so you aren't scared to take control of the situation this Halloween.

Do any of these spooky scenarios ring true with you? 

With or without you 

Are there shadows in the meeting rooms and you are not one of them?! If you were always in regular internal and client meetings and your diary has become dry you have to ask why - it is within your right to question it. 

Where is everyone 

Hand in hand with the lack of meetings it there a lock down on colleagues out look diaries, has your access to other people's calendars been blocked? If it has you may want to start asking why - are they up to something they don't want you to know about? 

Thirsty work 

Have you been cut out of the drinks round both in the office and out? If offers of a morning brew or after work spirits have been diminished it could be you're not in favour. This can suggest that there are conversations going on that do not involve you. 

Are you sitting comfortably?

Whilst desks and chairs moving around the office could be linked with ghostly behaviour, if you have been moved away from your team, and your new place in the office doesn't sit right with you then you need to take note. 

If more than two or more of these spooky scenarios do sound familiar, don't run to the hills in fright, here's how you can work through any concerns with your employer. 

Review the situation 

Ask for a review or appraisal to discuss any of the above scenarios and dig out the truth. It may be that there are innocent reasons, and if not take control as it works to demonstrate strength in your character - you will only be respected for this 

Open conversation 

Open and honest conversations will make sure you are not left paranoid about situations at work. In a busy office environment it may just be managerial oversight that you have not been kept in the loop so don't be afraid to ask if there something you should know. 

By talking to your employer you can work out between you the best way to proceed for both parties, and stay in the job that you are happy with, safe in the knowledge that your role is secure. 

If you think it's time to move on and leave the ghouls in your office behind, talk to one of our team here at Benchmark Recruit or drop your CV to info@benchmarkrecruit.co.uk