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As a member of the Common Purpose advisory board Louisa Harrison-Walker, Managing Director and Benchmark, was proud to take part in the Frontrunner leadership development programme. Louisa's involvement enabled her to give university students first hand experience of leadership within business, and provide an open forum to discuss best practice. 

The Frontrunner Leadership Programme is designed to develop students leadership skills, employability and networks - ultimately tooling them up for a fruitful career. Louisa joined other senior leaders to help unlock leadership skills. The session included understanding how to thrive in diversity and exploring concepts of power and influence. 
"Helping people in the infancy of their careers and giving then the foresight to seek out opportunities is a fulfilling experience. I know when I first started out it was invaluable to have mentors who offered realistic advice and support. I witnessed for myself the quality of candidates coming through, and undoubtedly some great leaders of future business." said Louisa Harrison-Walker 
Student feedback demonstrates what an invaluable programme this is giving realistic advice to the next generation of leaders: 
"I found it particularly inspiring to meet such a successful female figure that I could relate to. I also really appreciated your advice on networking and how to be noticed when applying for jobs."
"I understand company culture more, I've had a lot of insight into other people's careers and how they have used leadership in a business and the many different approaches to that"
"There are different styles of leaders, you can be who you want to be. Things don't always work out as planned but it can be for the better"
"I will go into the working world with a better understanding of what is expected, what employers look for, and what my strengths/weaknesses are. Feeling more confident about myself and my ability to succeed."
"Eye opening, refreshing, empowering. You will not walk out of the door the same person you came in." 
"I think it will make me stand out from others and has greatly increased my confidence. I'm more comfortable with speaking up and sharing my ideas. I've learnt so much in these past three days and I've definitely grown up a lot personally and professionally"
If you are interested in the programme please visit the Common Purpose page, or if you are looking to kick off your career with an award winning recruitment agency, then talk to us at Benchmark.