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The New Job Roles of 2017


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Over the years, the jobs market has changed dramatically, none more so than in the last decade. The IT industry has exploded, having a huge effect on the way we market and sell products, resulting in a avalanche of new job titles as roles evolve to accommodate this new technology. 

At Benchmark, we are priviledged to have an insight into emerging trends and skills gaps within the industries. We have our fingers firmly on the pulse of the job market, feeling out new opportunities for our candidates as we match them to challenging fulfilling roles. Along the way we've noticed how existing skills are being complemented by new technologies to get tasks completed more quickly and accurately. 

Based on our observations, we take a view of where we think the new job titles for 2017 will be created. 

Creative and Digital 2017

Consumers digest information at an increasingly fast pace: they want entertaining faces in an accessible format... and they want them now! As a result, the line between creative and digital disciplines is blurred as both attempt to satisfy a discerning audience, fashioning such jobs titles as Chief Marketing Technology Officer who is responsible for coordinating activity between online and offline marketing. 

In this role, the merging of the two industries will allow digital personnel to explore their creative side and creatives to get stuck in to everything across the digital spectrum.

Commercial 2017 

While there are not many new roles emerging in the commercial sector, there are certainly new factors at play that will affect how professionals carry out their jobs. The continued and fast paced development of technology, and the importance of data sharing and storage has had a huge effect on the day-to-day running of business. 

As a result, commercial workers are being forced to be more flexible in their roles, also taking on aspects of work traditionally associated with IT, legal, financial and digital positions. The Data Manager, for example must work to maintain records and research material while observing legislation regarding storage and sharing and getting to grips with the technology that makes this possible. 

This may seem confusing, but it does provide opportunity for job progression and skills expansion in a sector that many might associate with relatively conventional working practices. 

Financial 2017 

Uncertainty created by Brexit will no doubt continue to have a knock on effect on corporate tax and VAT, generating the need to review accounting and recording practices. Rules may or may not alter, and if they do, the Financial Relationship Manager's role will become more intense. They will be expected to communicate these changes to customers and the rest of the business while monitoring purchases, budgeting and cost factors to ensure efficient use of resources and maintain the company's standards. 

Asset Managers could find themselves on the sharp end of demands to seek out UK-only portfolios in case of deprived or reduced access to European Market 

IT 2017

The main aim of IT has got to be to make our lives easier. The 'Internet of Things' improves integration of the physical world through the use of technologies that already  exist in our everyday functioning. It's the job of the Internet of Things (IoT) Architect to provide the infrastructure through which these computer-based systems can talk to one another. 

The result is better efficiency through accuracy and economy, as opposed to the existing spread of appliances all working independently, and often wasting time and money. 

The IoT Architect simply co-ordinates the technology networks with new devices as and when they are introduced, keeping abreast of the raft of new developments. 

Legal 2017

As time goes on, an overlap appears between established working sectors. In the case of the E-Discovery Consultant, technology combines with the law - new with old - in order to provide a valuable service. 

Social changes have altered the way that the legal profession must gather and present material. An E-Discover Consultant identifies, retrieves and processes electronic information that can be used as evidence in legal cases. 

Generally suited to IT professionals, most on-the-job training for this emerging role has been through trial and error, however, niche training programs are now being introduced as computer forensic skills are in greater demand. 

Sales 2017 

Again, Brexit will play a big role in changes to the Sales sector with an increase in the demand for European and International Sales and Development Managers. Due to the uncertainty in the market, any business trading internationally will be keen to maintain communication with suppliers and customers abroad and likely to want to strengthen their channels before the UK makes a full exit from Europe. 

This will require a good knowledge of local and foreign sales practices and the willingness to keep abreast of any changes as and when they occur. 

Of course, many roles will remain unchanged as we approach another new year. It's an exciting time for companies and job seekers alike as new opportunities arise for career development and business expansion. 

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