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Why 2017 Is The Time To Change Jobs


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With the arrival of a new year comes new hopes and dreams for the year ahead.  If you’ve been thinking about your career and how it’s progressing, 2017 might be the time to make a change.

Whether you are looking to move upwards, sideways or in a completely new direction, it looks like the coming year will be as good a time as any to take the plunge. With figures showing an increase of 2.3% in salaries during the year to September 2016, it would appear that any job uncertainty following the Brexit referendum might have been quashed…for now.  

So grab the bull by the horns and embrace the chance of a new start as we look at why 2017 is the perfect time to change jobs.

There are lots of reasons why you might be looking for a new job:

  • You’re returning to work following a career break – maternity leave, sickness, redundancy or travelling. The world is your oyster and it’s time to start a new chapter. Put your qualifications, voluntary work or life experiences to good use by applying your knowledge to a paid role.

  • You’ve gone as far as you can get in your current position. Chances of advancement may be poor at your current place of work and you feel the need to better yourself when the opportunities simply don’t exist.

  • You feel under-appreciated in your existing role. Perhaps it seems as though you are being overlooked for promotion, or any investment in training and development is simply not coming your way. It’s a shame when you have so much more to offer.

  • You’ve had a clash of personalities with a colleague and feel the only way to remedy the situation is to move on and start afresh. You can apply your skills and experience somewhere where the atmosphere is a little warmer.

  • You just don’t enjoy your job any more. Weekends don’t last long enough and Monday mornings are painful. Time for a new challenge, even if it means starting from the bottom and working up.   

  • You’re looking for more flexibility that doesn’t exist in your current job. You might be looking for work that can fit around family obligations or want some more leisure time…who can blame you?

There are hundreds of other reasons why you might be looking for a new direction in 2017 so, now that we know you are keen to make a move, let’s get the ball rolling.


Be Prepared

While 2017 kick starts and gathers pace why not spend some time compiling your CV? This could involve anything from a quick re-fresh if it isn’t so long since you were last on the job market, to a complete re-write if you’ve been in the same position for 10 or more years.

Consider exactly which direction you want to be heading in and tailor your CV accordingly. If you’ve been in manufacturing, for example and are looking to move into marketing, note that you understand that the research and development processes take time, much like the design (and redesign) of publicity material.

Patience is a virtue in both disciplines. Make your experience relevant to the role that you are seeking and keep it simple, factual and nicely presented in an easy-to-read format.

If your profession lends itself to it, have a portfolio of work or certificated proof of qualification(s) ready to waft in the direction of any prospective employer if they ask for it. Case studies of successful projects can also demonstrate your aptitude.

You might also need a reference or two. This can be tricky if your colleagues don’t know that you are seeking alternative employment so, for now, concentrate on character references and have the name of someone that you have worked for in mind if you are asked for a work reference.

Making The Move

When you’ve gathered the relevant info, sign up with a recruitment agency. A good recruitment agency won’t just sit back and wait for the right job to roll in, we’ll actively campaign in your preferred sector to find the right location, salary band and people for you to work with.

We can also provide tips on interview techniques, presentation, how to get yourself noticed, and a myriad other snippets of advice which will make the transition to your new job a walk in the park.

Don’t just leave it to the agency though! Be proactive and make sure you work your networks too, as through contacts, you might just find either a mutual connection or someone who knows there is a job in the pipeline. This can work to your advantage, as a recruiter can always act as your negotiator.

However you find it, your next job could be ready and waiting for you, all you need is a little encouragement in the right direction.

If you want to take advantage of the buoyant job market, strike while the iron is hot and send your CV to Benchmark today. We’ll make sure that it’s seen by all the right people, setting you well on your way to a life changing 2017!