Striving for a Fairer City


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Is your company engaged with the Sheffield Fairer City Employer Charter? Is the charter on your radar, and do you know which businesses in the city are already signed up? 

The Fair City Employer Charter is happening, and it's happening in your city, and now is an opportune time to get behind it. Businesses across Sheffield are championing fairness and equality in the work place and all companies across sectors are being encouraged to get on board, with the aim of making Sheffield the fairest city in Britain.

As chair of the Sheffield Chamber Council, Benchmark Director Louisa Harrison-Walker is working with the Sheffield Fairness Commission and Equality Hub to Champion the initiative. Louisa commented: 

"As a recruitment agency we are in a priviledged position of working with a wide variety of companies and are keep to help spread the word and raise awareness of the Fair City campaign. We are championing this great cause, encouraging businesses to get involved and make their workplace inclusive of all, recruiting and retaining the most talented individuals." 

Signing up to the Fairness Charter demonstrates your company commitment to the following core values: 
  • Teamwork, engagement and accountability 
  • Recognise the living wage
  • Promote fair and flexible contracts of employment 
  • Value diversity and promote aspirations and social mobility 
  • Commit to excellent working conditions 
  • Promote ethical standards 
  • Positive health and wellbeing 
  • Training and development 
Companies who have committed to the Fair City Employment Charter include:

Gripple, The Source, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, HLM, AAG Systems, South Yorkshire Police, University of Sheffield and South Yorkshire's Community Foundation.