Corporate Day on a Trampoline


Benchmark Recruit news

Yes you read it right; we recently traded our office wear for active wear with grippy socks to bounce our way through our business brainstorm.

We jumped out of bed with an extra skip in our step one fine Wednesday morning as we were spending in the morning at JUMP INCAs you would expect we had the best time and were full of beans (quite literally) on our way back to the office. 

We started the day with breakfast, beans and a pastry or two... or three, we then cracked on to get some work done - it wasn't all play as it was our quarterly meeting. 

With tunes pumping JUMP INC's fun environment got us in the right frame of mind to get our heads in gear and reflect on the last quarter and develop plans for the next quarter 

We were constantly attended to with coffee, tea and the odd slushie. Reflection all done it was time to bounce, we were all pumped and full of caffeine and E numbers so pretty much 100% prepared to bounce around. Of course we're all for safety first so before even stepping foot on a trampoline, or before chucking ourselves off a 4 meter drop (on to a cushion of course), we were prepped on how to bounce, which surprisingly is easier said than done. Safety all done we're on to the trampolines, we were all pretty much like bambi on ice but after a couple of baby jumps the team were in full swing with seat drops and front drops in the mix. At JUMP Inc it's not just about trampolines, there is also a full on assault course. With BM being a slightly, ok very, competitive team it was the best thing we could ask for, who could get through the assault course the fastest?! Well none of us did, it was TOUGH!

Next up relay races on the trampolines it was a "On your marks, get set....WHY ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN?!" type of situation, after this exertion we all needed a sit down with a cooling drink! So back to the corporate side of the day, planning of the next quarter, again we were attended to with more slush puppies to build our energy back up. With the blood pumping we were throwing ideas in to the mix for the planning of next quarter. Whatever we requested, Stephen our host for the day, made sure we got it - and we are a fussy bunch especially when it comes to cheese and beans on toast and the order in which it should go! 

JUMP Inc and Stephen made sure we were completely sorted. It's safe to say BM will be having more corporate meetings at JUMP INC. As we had the best time in an inspiring environment - if you're  looking for somewhere different it's a great place to bounce fresh ideas around.