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Are You A Super Dad?


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We know the struggles parents face juggling the demands of work and childcare, and just making it to the weekend is often deemed a success!  This week it’s time to give a shout out to the Dads out there who are their kid’s superheroes.  These are the signs you’re killing it as a Dad and giving your kids the best you can to inspire them for a great future:

Still living the dream

You have your day job but still dream of chasing your childhood ambition. Whether it’s still getting on the football pitch every Saturday morning chasing your footballing dreams, or you’re a budding entrepreneur and still plan and plot your business ideas outside of your working day,  you’re teaching your kids to reach for their dreams and never give up on living a full life.  They may not know it but in years to come they will thank you for giving them this outlook.

You’re Relevant

You’re a ‘relevant’ Dad and your kids and their mates want to hang out with you.  You can show them a few tricks when it comes to BMXing, skateboarding or teach them how to get the highest score on Star Wars Battlefront.  You know you’ve still got it when your children want to share your Spotify play lists and listen to the same tunes as you.

Work Ethic

You’re showing your kids how to get a good work life balance.  You share your professional successes with your children and inspire and educate them.  What ever your role, seeing your dedication to your working life will be something which sticks with them.  Whether you child is primary age and dreaming of being an astronaut, or is at secondary school and picking their GCSE options, having your encouragement and guidance will stand them in good stead when it comes to chasing their dreams.

It’s good to talk

Although you might not always make every bath time or have to work away which limits time you spend with your teenagers, keeping in touch with your kids and being there remotely means the world to them. It may be a Facetime or Skype or if you’re an ultra relevant Dad bitmoji  before bed, but having these mobile means of communications make up for the times when you just can’t be there as you’re busy bringing in the bacon.

Daddy day-care

If your kids have you on the school run, pick ups and bath time, or even full time Daddy day-care, they are very lucky indeed.  You’ll never regret the time you take or career break to spend time with them and watch them grow up, ultimately giving them a great foundation for creating a confident self.

From all of us at Benchmark we salute you Dad’s out there and hope you are treated like you deserve this Sunday!