Region Asks Job Hunters What They Want in a Boss


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A major new campaign is being launched by the Sheffield City Region (SCR) to ask job hunters what they honestly think about the region's employers. 

Turning the usual approach on its head, people across the region looking for work, or for another job, will be asked to describe when they've had a bad interview, or think they've been asked unfair questions, or perhaps didn't do themselves justice in the way they present their skills and experience. 

They'll also have a chance to say what they value in their current job, why they might consider moving job, or even if their present company lacks good management or leadership. 

The SCR has already askes employers about the problems they face when trying to find the right people to work for them, and has discovered that posts needing digital and analytical skills are the hardest to fill. Inadequate training is another problem, and job hunters are being asked whether they are offered training in their job. 

Businesses also comment that often job candidates don't make the best possible case for their own abilities. 

In a short online survey, http://bit.ly/SCRresearch job candidates can now say what attracts and keeps them in the region. They can also say if they've become disenchanted with living and working in the SCR. 

Julie Kenny, a member of the Local Enterprise Partnership of the SCR, an employer herself, and former Chair of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, said "This will give us, and local employers, a unique opportunity to hear from job candidates how businesses can attract the right people to their roles. 

Our survey, unusually looks at both sides of the skills gap and why employers can't always find suitable candidates. 

Armed with that knowledge we can make strategic decisions about how we support training in the region, both for those employed and those in work. It will also help us to support businesses to recruit excellent staff. 

We know that skills and training are vital for the region's businesses We've already invested in our local training and education institutions and we will be able to use the results of the surveys - from both bosses and job seekers - to make smarter decisions"