Who Let the Dogs In?


Benchmark Recruit news

Everyone enjoys a visitor in the office every now and again, but it's a bonus when the visitor has four legs and barks. 

On Tuesday 18th July Benchmark had a visit from Luna a lovely Border Collie and her owner Wendy. Luna and Wendy were also joined by Danny from support dogs UK. As much as the team enjoted cuddles and playing with Luna we all learnt so much about Support Dogs and found out ways in which we could help individually and as a business. 
Support Dogs UK is a national based charity, providing support and training for both dogs and people. Dogs are trained by specialist trainers so that they can support and look after people with disabilities. They are taught how to sense and give warning about seizures to people with epilepsy and they provide safety, support and comfort to children with autism and their family. 
As it currently stands, Support Dogs UK receives no government funding and relies solely on donations and fundraising carried out by everyday people. If you want to sponsor or make a donation please follow this link - http://bit.ly/2tTPpcZ these dogs are life changing for people who require their support. After all a dog is a mans best friend!