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Music - It can make or break an office. It can turn a room full of workers in to aspiring super stars or open up a heated debate around which girl band has the best synchronized dance routines, or which boy band has the best hair dos. 

So what /.does music say about your office? Here we take each music genre and break it down for you, and if your office has eclectic taste we provide tips on how to cater for all music genres. 
From Bieber to Madonna your office knows the Macarena dance routine off by heart and probably knows all the lyrics to every Venga boys song ever made. Your love of pop suggests your office is totally outgoing and sociable, pop listeners tend to have higher self esteem, this is linked to a love of  happy music. They are more likely to use music to regulate their mood as the brain releases dopamine before the peak of a person's favourite song. 
If your office knows the different between 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Highway to Hell'  then rock must be the genre of choice on the office stereo. Rock and Pop listeners are well suited as both use music to regulate their mood, with rock listeners tending to associate songs with intense or emotional life experiences. Not all rock is the same though, if your office has more of an indie rock based playlist then there's a chance that the office is more creative and open to new experiences. 
If your team 'Lets it Burn' like Usher, or makes TLC proud by not chasing waterfalls; then your office is more likely to be a social team. Hip-Hop and R&B listeners are more likely to sing and dance and express their music out loud rather than keep it in their headphones. They might be a fan of Kanye West but according to a study* they share personality traits with him, one know as "blirtatiousness". (This is when someone has a tendency to blurt out thoughts as soon as they are formed.)
*The Structure and Personality Correlations of Music Preference by Peter J. Rentfrow and Samuel D. Gosling
If Ray Charles, Bob Dylan and Louis Armstrong are some of the artists on your playlist they your office are definitely Folk, Jazz and Blues listeners. People who listen to these genres are often reflective, open minded and highly creative. They are different to Rock and Pop listeners as they are more likely to listen to music to exercise their brain rather than regulate their mood. 
If your office is on the same level as Dolly working 9-5 then your team are more likely to be empathetic towards each other, as well as agreeable and extroverted. Just like Dolly country listeners tend to be hard workers, but less likely to be open about the types of art/music they like. 
Beethoven or Mozart? If your office is made up of piano solos and sweet synphonies then your office is full of creative introverts according to Dr North's research*. People who like classical music are proven to be smarter. There was a comparison of SATs in 2009 and it releaved that students who liked Beethoven had an average SAT score of 137, more than 100 points higher than an individual who liked indie/pop music. For our future workforce we would recommened piping classical through the house! 
*The Social and Applied Psychology of Music (with David Hargreaves) 2008. 
So what do you do if your office has a mix bag of genres? 
Create a playlist - our advice would be to have an Office DJ who asks everyone for their top 5 songs set to a daily theme, such as Throwback Thursday or favourite movie songs make a playlist, and there you have it your office stereo sorted for the day! 
If all else fails drop our resident office DJ Ellie an email with your music preferences and i'm sure she will be able to rustle you up a office playlist in no time. If you would like some inspirtation tune in tou our Benchmark Twitter and Facebook for the Benchmark Office Playlists.