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Can You Face Another Year in Your Job?


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With Christmas a distant memory, and the hope and promise of January fading, can you face another year in your job? Here we ask you a series of questions to uncover whether it's time for a change in job role. 

Glass ceiling

Have you reached the point where you can see how you would like your role to develop in 2019, but there isn't the internal structure to support your development by your current employer? If this is the case, maybe it's time to break through the glass ceiling with a company or organisation that is going to invest in your growth and development. Believe us when we say there are plenty of companies out there who prioritise personal and professional development. 

Must be love

Is your unrequited love for your job role fading, are you no longer getting up at the crack of dawn looking forward to the working day ahead, and is going above and beyond and staying late to complete tasks now a thing of the past? Is getting in bang on 9:00 am and doing the bare minimum now the norm? If that's the case then it seems you have fallen out of love with your role. If this feels all to familiar then you need to put a spring back in your step and rediscover your enthusiasm and passion for going to work. 

Living the dream

When you originally joined your current employer did you buy in to their mission and vision, believing they matched your beliefs and values? Has the dream faded and you're no longer embracing their beliefs? You might find yourself in a position where you are no longer motivated by the work of the company/organisation. This could potentially mean that your professional standards and work performance may begin to slip. Before it gets to this point why not look for a company where you share the same values. 

Get personal

Have you made any recent changes to your personal life where you need to work more flexible hours? Is your current employer happy to accommodate your requests for assistance in striking a good work/life balance? If your employer doesn't, or can't, offer you a good work/life balance, you are right to think you can find an employer which will; flexible working hours are becoming the norm and the option to work remotely is also a more common consideration. Do your research and look at companies you would like to work for by viewing their culture from their social media accounts such as Linkedin or Twitter; you will often get a great insight into how they operate and whether it is a company you would like to approach. 

Show me the money 

Have you been on the same salary for the last three years, and even though your role has developed and advanced your monthly pay package hasn't? Ask for a meeting with your current employer to discuss salary progression inline with your achievements and successes in the business. If they are against this then perhaps this is a prompt for you to look elsewhere where your salary will reflect the value add to the business. 
So, here's the million dollar question... are you ready for another year in your role? If after reading the points above you have decided it might be time for a new beginning with a new employer get in touch with our specialist recruitment team