Team Benchmark Volunteer at Endeavour


Benchmark Recruit news

High on our agenda at Benchmark is supporting community and charity projects, and for our spring volunteer day the Benchmark team relocated to Sheffield charity Endeavour to help create a new outdoor learning space. The Endeavour team work to assist disadvantaged children and empower them by providing education and activities to challenge and motivate. 

Our team skills were put to the test from the off with the tower challenge, using spaghetti and marshmallows to create the tallest tower. Being a team of competitive souls it was 'game on' and got us in the spirit for our physical challenge of the day - helping to create the outdoor learning space by landscaping the garden and varnishing a newly built classroom. 
The outdoor learning space before and after the Benchmark team's work 

"Being on site for the day allowed us to understand more fully the work of the charity and the challenges they face in supporting young people with social and learning issues. Assisting with the development of the outdoor classroom was fantastic as it felt like our small contribution would have a direct impact on the students learning and the opportunities available to them." Said Louisa Harrison-Walker, Managing Director at Benchmark

"We had a great day in the sun working with the team from Benchmark and were really impressed with all that was achieved, taking us a step closer to completing our garden area and outdoor classroom. We're really looking forward to being able to use the finished space to teach horticulture and inspire our learners to get involved in gardening. We really value the help of volunteers such as Benchmark who have assisted with this." Said Graham Booth, Corporate Engagement Manager at Endeavour.