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What Does Your Desk Say About You?


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If you work in an office you will most likely have your own work space, and you may not realise it but your desk can reveal a lot about your personality. Whether it's a public display of affection of loved ones, a collection of action figures or the pure minimalist approach, your desk provides an insight into your lifestyle. While some people can be very territorial about their desk and even know when their chair has been swapped, other free spirits are happy to hot desk to their hearts content.

So, here we reveal what your desk says about you. 

The Minimalist 

Would you class yourself as organised and love routine? If so your desk would be classed as 'Minimalist' - it's basically made up of the essentials, a laptop/desktop, handset as well as a rogue notebook or post it note. Although your desk might have the bare minimum your work doesn't reflect this; if you are a minimalist you are shown to be the hardest worker. The traits you may have are, conscientiousness, discipline and cautiousness meaning you are meticulous in everything you do and a perfectionist. You are the person to rely on as you make sure you achieve every goal you set and have a great work ethic. 

The Clutterer

Is your work space colourful and chaotic? Then you have the desk of a 'clutterer' literally cluttered with stationary and personal belongings. Lily Bernheimer is an environmental psychologist and she believes that people with cluttered and colourful desks are more likely to be extroverts. Bernheimer also says that you are more likely to be welcoming to your colleagues if you have a cluttered desk. You are often so busy and that is the reason your desk ends u so cluttered as you don't have time to tidy it. 

The Expander 

Are your personal items scattered across the office? Then you might have the desk of an 'expander'. As the name suggests people who have expanded from their desk across the office are more likely to have dominant personalities. You are often the dominant one in the office and thrive off being the centre of attention. If there is a desk next to you, you will probably encroach and claim it as your own territory. 

The Personaliser 

Is your desk a shrine of family photos of your loved ones? Do you have a collection of your favourite books or retro Lego figures on display on your desk? If that's the case then you have the 'personaliser' desk. Someone with a personalised desk is usually highly creative, intellectual and has an openness to new experiences. As a 'personaliser' you're more likely to be satisfied within your job and more invested into the company and culture hence bringing a part of your personal life in to work. 

The Assessor

Don't like having a desk either side of you or a desk that is constantly walked past? You might have the 'Assessor' desk. You like personal space away from everyone else as too much interaction or distractions can throw you off your game. Most of the time you have your head in your laptop just getting on with work, thus makes you the most productive desk in the office. 
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