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When you finally put down your tools for a holiday you want to ensure you have left a seamless holiday handover so that you can relax and enjoy your holidays. The pitfalls of not leaving a handover can result in you being hassled on your long awaited break. 

It's all in the preparation 

Start your handover early and have it running in the background a couple of days before you finish work. This way you will ensure every detail is on there rather than doing a rushed job half an hour before you are set to leave. 

Computer login 

Basic but true. Not leaving your login can result in you being disrupted at the airport before the week has even got going. Having access to your login means that simple questions can be answered while you are not present rather than people trying to make contact with you while you're otherwise engaged on the sun lounger. 

Risk factor 

If you're leaving your logins and your computer is easily accessible don't forget it's work property, so if you sneakily watch Netflix when you take your laptop home or check your Facebook and twitter when no one is looking make sure your logins aren't saved and your cache is cleared to ensure no embarrassing mishaps!

Out of office 

Get your out of office on so you can manage expectations of clients and external contacts. One persona calling the office frustrated that you have not returned an email will not leave a great impression with your team and is easily avoidable. 

It's in the detail 

A full handover would include the stage of projects, key dates, budgets, contact numbers and contact details so your colleagues can easily contact people if required. Producing a solid handover of this calibre will ensure your ears aren't burning while you're away. 

Red flag 

If you can see the potential red flags on the horizon don't bury your head in the sand and hope it doesn't kick off while you're away. Spotting potentially difficult issues and prepping your team on the full background will mean you can go away safe in the knowledge that everything is in good hands 

Keep them sweet 

Keep your colleagues sweet and bring back holiday sweets to your team; this small gesture will go a long way an is a sign of appreciation and thanks for holiding the fort. 
If you think no matter how much of a quality handover you leave you'll always have disgruntled colleagues maybe it's time for a change.