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10 Really Weird Interview Questions


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10 Mind-Boggling Interview Questions Real Companies Have Asked 

Interview questions. Let's face it, in general they tend to be fairly standard most days and this can often be a mistake. 

With all the plethora of resources available on the web, the tried and tested thread of the usual competency-based questions can lead to pre-programmed answers, recited speeches and a great deal of smoke and mirrors for employers to try and wade their way through when attempting to evaluate the worthiness of a candidate 

It's for this reason many employers nowadays prefer a far more person-centred that interviews than not. CVs and a few industry specific questions can ascertain the level of experience and degree of qualifications offered by a candidate, leaving the real purpose of the interview to get to grips with them and their personality. 

A few modern and pro-active companies have even taken this a step further, asking incredibly testing, teasing and unexpectd questions from left-field. Some of these questions are downright bonkers and with absolutely no possible way prepare for something like this, all you can do is be yourself, which is exactly what there 10 incredible questions were designed to make you be. 

The 10 Absurd Questions 

  1. On a scale of 1-10 how weird are you? - Asked by Zappos
  2. A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombero. What does he say and why is he here? - Asked by Clark Construction Group
  3. Describe the colour yellow to somebody who's blind - Asked by Spirit Airlines
  4. You are in a dark room with no light. You need matching socks for an interview and you have 19 grey socks and 25 black socks. What are the chances you get a matching pair? - Asked by Guardsmark. 
  5. Can you say: 'Peter Pepper picked a picked pepper' and cross-sell a washing machine at the same time? - Asked by Mastercard
  6. Choose a city and estimate how many piano tuners operate business there - Asked by Google
  7. If i was talking to your best friend, what is one thing they would say you need to work on? - Asked by Apple
  8. Is Batman a superhero? - Asked by AlphaSights
  9. Tell me a story - Asked Celgene
  10. Please bring a toy with you and explain how this reflects you as a person or a part of your personality - Asked by Unknown
So, if you're in the market for a new job and are preparing for an interview, there might well be one piece of advice that's invaluable here: expect the unexpected! If you were ever be asked one these kind of questions, the best practice is simply just relax and answer as yourself would answer.

Ultimately, that's what these questions are there to do - find the right person for the role, and in effect, the right role for you. 

And if you do happen to be in the market for a new job why not head over to our live jobs sections, where you'll find all the vacancies currently available to start your new dream career.