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Don't Freak Out Over Halloween In Your Office


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If your team want to get involved with Halloween festivities don't freak out, embrace it, and see your employees spirits rise. 

We have some top tips of how to bring Halloween in to your office without causing major disruptions to productivity. Remember, treat your team well or in time they might play a trick on you which you're not expecting!

Five tips for Halloween office fun 

1. Halloween playlist 
Jump on Spotify and you'll find playlist to get your team in the mood with tunes like Monster Mash and Thriller. It's a simple trick but they'll feel part of the action - you could even take requests!



2. Fancy dress

Let your team know in advance if you are happy for them to dress up; whether it's full on costumes or accessorising, they can have time to plan their Halloween look and not feel like they missed out on the party. 



3. Desk designs 

Even if you don't do dressing up, some spooky cobwebs or balloons are easy to find and cheap to purchase so let people decorate their desks. Go all out and have a pumpkin carving contest in your office you could even offer a spot prize for the most creative. 



4. Sweet treats 

Bring the treats to your office and let your employees indulge in Halloween goodies. The sugar rush will be good for productivity and people won't feel like they have missed out on the fun. 



5. Get social 

If you go all out with Halloween fun, let your team shout about it on social channels as it's a great way to display your company culture and attract more talent; your office will definitely stand out when it comes to attracting new people to the business. 




Still don't fancy embracing the Halloween fun?! Then expect to see some scary faces in your office, or just make sure you promise them a good Christmas Party instead!