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Face Your Job Search Fears


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As we're in spooky season, we decided to investigate what scares people about beginning their job search, and what can be done to reduce the fear about looking. 

Fear of the Unknown

One of the biggest issues when beginning a job search is the fear of not knowing what to expect, or where to start looking. First things first, get your CV in order, whether you are creating or altering your CV you want to think about the things you are putting on there. What skills do you have? What do you have? What do you enjoy most about your previous roles? This will make your search easier, as when you're looking at different job specifications you can see how your skill set might relate to that role. You also want to consider what is important to you when looking; the salary, the benefits, and the hours companies are offering might be the things which make or break the decision to apply for a job. 



Brush Off the Cobwebs 

Remember what you are good at; you might have been doing the same role for so long you won't realise you have skills which would impress a potential employer. Have a think about what you do day-to-day and the different type of skills you use, you will more than likely find it's more than you think. When you have worked out the different skills you have, utilise them, and sell yourself. Let the potential employee know how you can benefit their company with your skill set and just how good you are. 



When the Nightmare Becomes Reality

Is your new boss a vampire? Feel like your work colleagues are zombies? Has the dream job you applied for become a nightmare when you started the role? It's easy to avoid being in a situation where your job isn't what you expected, or what you were promised. When you get an interview for a company you like the look of the best thing to do is research. Research the company, research the people that work there, even find out what people who have left the company have to say; you can do this by looking at pages like Glass Door. If a company culture and values don't match yours the chances are it isn't going to be the right place for you to work. If you are working with a recruiter ask them about the company and role; ask if they thinking it's right for you based on what they're know, and what you have told them about your search.




Hair-raising Questions 

Everyone gets nervous before an interview, it's a normal thing, but don't let interviews give you the fear. There are a number of techniques to ease your nerves beforehand, do your research, plan, have your CV ready, and be positive. In need of extra tips to help you smash an interview? Take a look at this article. 


Whispers in the Hallway

Paranoid your colleagues have an inkling you're looking elsewhere? As long as you aren't actively looking for a new role whilst you're supposed to be working, or have given your work number/email to recruiters or a potential employee then you have no need to sweat. If you are working with a recruiter everything is done confidentially meaning your current employer won't find out that you are looking for something new. 

Benchmark can play the 'ghost busters' for all of these fears, if you are looking for a new role, or just some advice about your current search get in touch or give us a call on 0114 221 0550