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Get Your Office Christmas Ready


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T'is the season for festive fun. If your office is like most, you will be preparing yourself for a well earned Christmas break. Before all the festivities commence why not get your colleagues in the festive spirit and turn the scrooge's of the team into jolly little elves. 


First off, before it even gets to Christmas you need to prepare yourself, and your work. Even though Christmas is only around the corner you don't want to peak too early and take your eyes off the ball at work. You have just a matter of weeks to get your work and your desk wrapped up before you leave the office for the last time in 2018. 




There's no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than getting out the baubles and the fairy lights. Go all Blue Peter and grap a pair of scissors, some paper and get making snowflakes. If you want to make the office look like Santa's grotto be sure to double check the health and safety first as you don't want anyone impaling themselves on the Christmas tree! Equally you don't want the Grinch of the office stealing all the decorations because they are deemed too dangerous for your work place. 




Make Christmas it's 'the most wonderful time of the year' in your office and get the Christmas tunes blasting; whether it's Mariah, Buble or Wham you'll always catch someone humming or singing along. 

Secret Santa

Play the role of Santa in your office and give a gift your colleagues will thank you for. There's nothing worse than seeing disappointed faces at Secret Santa, so keep it anonymous by using a Secret Santa app like 'Draw Names'. Remember you're still in work so keep the presents 'PG'; you don't want to end up on the naughty list! You can even make an event out of the 'big reveal' and use it as a good excuse to have a Christmas lunch with the team.




Christmas 'eating' - er sorry, 'meeting' anyone? If you're the foody of the office then Christmas is the best time of year to keep your spirits high and your bellies full, so why not bring your own special Christmas delicacy or Grandma's favourite mince pies. It's a good time to invite everyone to bring in a taste of Christmas and do some team building while you're at it. 




When the lights go out in your office for Christmas use the time to relax, this is when the work-life balance really comes in to play. Use the break to recharge and rejuvenate but also to reflect on 2018. Spend it with family and friends and the people you love, as after all that is what Christmas is all about. 



Happy Christmas from all the BM team.