Kate Nails The Marathon


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We’re super proud of our consultant Kate Beswick who nailed the London Marathon in 5 hours and 23 minutes to raise £1055 for the Mind charity.

Kate was not only impressive on the day but her drive and ambition we witness in her day job was evident in her dedication to her marathon training.  The months prior to the event she sought advice from a chiropractor, took advantage of weekly Pilates at the Workstation and even abstained from drinking.

Kate running the London marathon on London Bridge

We quizzed Kate on the experience and heard what running the marathon meant to her:

“I’d applied for the marathon several times before, so it came as a surprise when I got a place through the ballot in October. Not expecting to get a place, I’d let my fitness slip and had to overcome a challenging few months of training, which was by far the hardest part of my journey!” said Kate.

“The best advice I heard before Marathon day and definitely helped calm my pre-race nerves was – 'Race day is a celebration of the difficult weeks and months of training that you’ve done to get you to the start line'.”