3 Top tips for Helping Work Experience Students


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Benchmark have committed to taking work experience students and giving them exposure to a positive working environment, as part of our commitment to developing the talent eco system here in Sheffied City Region

Over the years we have tweaked and revised our work experience program to ensure that it’s beneficial for the student but equally for us, striking a balance between tasks you can delegate and meaningful work.

Having someone inexperienced in your business may seem A bit of a distraction or hard work but with Planning and preparation It needn’t be 

Three Top tips for work experience

  1. Write a job spec - Ask staff what tasks they could delegate or happily have somebody shadowing them whilst completing
  2. Set expectations - Ask your student what they would like to get out of their time with you, it may be they have a particular interest in marketing, IT, finance, try to tailor the time as appropriate, explain to your work experience student what will happen While they are with you, including house rules and behaviour that is expected and not!!
  3. Ask for feedback - Used in the right way a fresh pair of eyes can be a welcome Addition to the team, we have asked students to review our social media And share their understanding of what we do, act like a customer on our website and give feedback on how easy the process was Some of these insights  Can be invaluable

Ultimately if you make them feel welcome, share and show what happens at your place of work, offer praise and encouragement for a task well done , then the whole experience will be something that will shape them positively for the future.