5 Top Tips for an Excellent Induction


Ellie client, news

The purpose of good induction is to ensure you have an effective integration into a company. So, its been a week since Kate joined us as a new recruit, we thought it might be a good idea to share our top tips for ensuring an excellent induction

  1. Be prepared – have everything ready for your new recruit, clean and tidy desk, computer equipment, copy of the job spec, staff handbook and a book for training notes
  2. Understand your new employee – complete a learning styles questionnaire to find out how they take in new information and a motivations questionnaire to understand what makes them tick, then ensure you deliver training sessions accordingly
  3. Set expectations – be clear about the training that will be delivered and when,  how success will be measured, when reviews will take place and what is expected of them by when.
  4. Allocate a buddy – Give new employees someone other than their manager to go to and ask questions of, encourage existing staff to take part in training sessions and share their knowledge, shadowing existing people can be an excellent way for new recruits to understand the standards and behaviours that are expected of them.
  5. Have regular check ins - in the first week it’s a good idea to reflect at the end of each day and ensure the information has been absorbed. Here at Benchmark we have a formal review at the end of the first week, first month, third month and sixth month, new recruits fall into our pattern of weekly 121s and quarterly objective reviews, regularly checking in ensures people have chance to raise questions or concerns before they become serious issues and reason someone may consider leaving.