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Avoiding a Christmas burnout


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With the run up to Christmas, life tends to become busier and more hectic and along with the build-up of those festive feels, pressure can ramp up and we can start to feel stressed. 

For some companies and industries, the looming deadline of the Christmas break comes more of a dread than something to look forward to. The rush of meeting deadlines and getting wrapped up before a well-earned Christmas break can all become too much, especially with the pressure of present buying, catching up with friends and family, and decorating the tree. So, we want to give you the top tips of how to handle the pressure and avoid a burn out so you can make the most of the festive season. 


The first thing that tends to drop off when the pressure is on, and stress is starting to increase, is communication, but in reality communication is vital in the build up to Christmas. Weekly 121's and check ins with your manager/team can make all the difference, it allows you to set out priorities and to see what support need to be provided for things to run as smoothly as possible. 


Flexibility around the Christmas months can increase productivity. If your business/organisation allows it, taking a half day or finishing a few hours earlier to get your Christmas shopping done can make all the difference. You can then spend your time at work concentrating on the task in hand rather than doing the odd bit of online shopping here and there, or spending time worrying about what time the shops close. 

Keep the routine

As you start to become busier it's natural for your routine to slip, but it is so important to stick to the basics, making sure you take regular breaks, and enjoying your lunch away from your screen. It's also a good idea to take time out for yourself to go to the gym or see friends/family after work instead of working well into the night as this will reduce the chance of you burning out, which in time will make you less producitve. 

The most important thing to remember is that the wold isn't going to end becuase your in-tray isn't empty or your email box hasn't been completely cleansed before the Christmas break! The emails and tasks will still be there for you when you return in the new year. We often become our own worst enemies in the run up to Christmas, we begin to put unnecessary pressure on ourselvs to get everything finished, but we need to remember to breathe, ask for help if you are feeling the pressure, and most of all enjoy the festive season and spend time with friends and family.